Website Building System Demo

Bumblebee Works is now pageBuzz, so all new signups will be using the newest hosting system with all the advanced features. Building websites is even more user friendly, but you get much more flexibility with page design as well as being able to build 1000 pages compared to bumblebees old 20 page option. The new system is a system you wont outgrow with a web store capacity of 2500 products, forums and many interactive programs.

Site Builder DEMO

ADMIN DEMO you can see realtime changes at the main website You can add products, build pages and try out most of the features.

To access the website management console
Username: demo
Password: demo

Keep in mind that several people could be using the demo at the same time and it could become confusing. As quickly as you upload or create a page, someone else may delete it. This obviously wont happen on your own website.

The demo allows you to sample a working website before you set up your own. If you are unable to use the demo website, you will not likely be able to build your own website using our system. If you have trouble logging in or using any of the features, call us for help. We are more than happy to sort out the problem before you pay for service.

Please spend as much time as you like in the demo and ask us any questions you have before you sign up for your own website. There is no need to set up a website on our system with out understanding what the system is and what it will allow you to do.

You must understand, that bumblebee works is not like any other website building system online. Its is totally of our design and may or may not include features you are familiar with from another companies. Don't assume it is what you need. Please try it out first.

Likewise, most of the features are not available at any other company. Many of the tools like banner builders and button generators are unique and you have not seen them before unless you hosted at bumblebeeworks.